Monthly DMCA Copyright
Scanner Package


As well as offering a standard DMCA Take Down service, we also offer a monthly Copyright Scanner package.

Why do all the hard work yourself? Our system will monitor your websites and your copyrighted content.

If someone copies your content and uploads it to their own website, our system will notice this and flag it up for further inspection.

Your first report will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of signup.
We send out weekly and monthly reports and this can be changed at any time. Your service by default will send out a monthly report, but you can change this by emailing your case handler.

Within your report, it will clearly state if your content has been uploaded elsewhere on the Internet. You can review each copyright breach, and if you haven’t given permission for your content to be copied, we will then send out DMCA Copyright Infringement notices on your behalf.

What’s more, we give you an unlimited amount of free DMCA Takedown notices, saving you $69 per notice.

As part of this package, we do all the hard work and monitoring for you.
Meaning you can get back to what you do best, creating unique content on the web.

How Much Does It Cost?

We charge a flat fee of just $69 per month.
For our standard DMCA service, we charge $69 per notice sent, so our monthly package is a huge saving if you regularly find your content is getting stolen.
The monthly package entitles you to have unlimited DMCA takedown notices sent on your behalf.


What Does A Report Look Like?

Please click here to see an example report


How Do I Sign Up?

Please fill out your details below and press Submit.
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