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“Copyright infringement
is the use of works protected by copyright law without permission, infringing certain exclusive rights granted to the copyright holder”


Copyright infringement is a big business – it is something that could affect us all. In basic terms, its theft. You wouldn’t allow someone to steal your bag or your car, so why let them steal your online identity or your content?

Here at e-DMCA, we work with private and commercial clients and can assist with copyright management, copyright enforcement and copyright litigation. We also handle trademark and patent cases.

Our Services

We offer DMCA and copyright enforcement services, as well as copyright consultation, copyright implementation and brand management, along with tailored advice and support to assist you and your business.
We also offer anti-piracy advice, anti-corruption advice, anti-counterfeiting services & advice and social media monitoring services. Please contact us here to discuss individual pricing packages or for more advice.

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Has your copyright or trademark been infringed?

Submit a DMCA Take Down Notice! Click Here

Use our DMCA Takedown Service and let us manage your copyright infringement claim. We collect some information from you and we submit DMCA takedown and ‘Cease and Desist’ notices on your behalf to the person infringing your intellectual property rights, copyrights or trademarks. If you own any content, be it published works, art, music, film, we can assist with getting the infringing content taken down from the web, for good.

Have images of you appeared online without your permission?

Submit a DMCA Take Down Notice! Click Here

Any image or video that shows the head and face is copyright to whom the face belongs to. We have noticed increasing amounts of “revenge porn” cases where a couple split up and one of the couple then go online to share intimate videos and photos. Whilst it is a criminal offence to now do this, all the police can do is arrest and prosecute. In most cases, the offending content remains online.
We have also noticed an increase in dating sites using random images from Facebook in order to create “fake profiles” that make a dating site look popular. If your photos or videos appear anywhere online without your permission, contact us and we’ll take care of the rest. We get content removed from the web, for good.

Submit a DMCA Take Down Notice! Click Here

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Have you noticed that your work or content has been
uploaded to the web for free?

Submit a DMCA Takedown Notice! Click Here

We understand business, which means we understand how much it means when someone uploads your work to the internet, in order for others to access your work for free and with no contribution or royalty paid. If you own the copyright to a piece of work, be it a small poem to a $1 million piece of art, and you’ve noticed that copies of your work are being spread around for free, let us know and we can get started with your DMCA copyright claim. We get content removed from the web, for good.


We work with content creators, saving them time so they
can continue making great content online!

Submit a DMCA Take Down Notice! Click Here

We work with a very wide range of industries and our services are tailored to the profession of our clients. We work with artists, actors, film makers & film studios, musicians, IT professionals, writers, journalists, Youtube bloggers, porn stars, the list is endless. Check out our testimonials to the right to hear from some of our valued clients.

We get content removed from the world wide web for good. We can also get content removed from specific sites, such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Instagram, Tumblr, ImageShack, Soundcloud, iTunes, LinkedIn, Youtube, Deviant Art, Myspace, and any other website among the hundreds of thousands of sites out there.